The outstanding features of the school’s curricular provision include:

•  effective curricular transition between KS2 and KS3 which ensures academic progression and very effective transition to KS3;

•  the manner in which the school has adapted the time allocated to teaching basic skills to speciļ¬c groups of learners and the quality of the provision and support for these groups;

•  outstanding provision in science and mathematics for groups of more able and talented learners;

•  the school’s innovative work in a cross – county partnership 1 to extend the choice of post-14 Welsh medium courses in order to meet the interests, abilities and learning methods of lear ners, including the development of the vocational department. The school has already met the requirements of the Lear ning and Skills Measure (Wales); and

•  the quality of the provision for the BAC and the manner in which the school has successfully integrated all elements of the programme into an appropriate and coherent pack for learners, not only in KS4 and the sixth form, but also in KS3 and KS2.

(ESTYN 2010)