The school endeavours to be caring and welcoming to each pupil. We aim to create a stable and happy environment in which every pupil is valued as an individual with different needs, interests and abilities.

The pastoral system, which is organised on a year basis, provides individual support for pupils. Each pupil is in the care of a Form Teacher.

In a big school like Cwm Rhymni, it is essential that the parents know who they should contact when they need support or information about their children. The first point of contact at all times is the head of year. The Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress are also available to respond to parental concerns when appropriate.

“The school’s care, guidance and support arrangements are outstanding”.

“The partnership between the school and parents is good. Most parents state that they appreciate and are happy with the school’s provision. There have been positive responses to questionnaires on a range of matters concerning their children’s education. The pupil’s voice is also strong in the school; the School Council is effective. A range of matters relating to pupils’ welfare are discussed”.

“Outstanding arrangements are made to support individuals with emotional and social difficulties. The co-ordination and planning in order to channel the support more effectively is outstanding”.

(ESTYN 2010)