The essence of discipline is to know oneself and to discipline that self.

The school strives to foster self discipline in all aspects of school life by nurturing respect for oneself, for others and for academic, moral and social standards, both in lessons and on the games field and in other activities. Whilst there is a written code of conduct, we believe that teaching and learning by example can be more effective. When the need for punishment does arise, we look for an appropriate and constructive form of punishment.

“Comprehensive whole-school procedures promote pupils’ outstanding behaviour. Central to the success of the system is the innate respect between staff and pupils, the thorough mentoring system, the very sound knowledge of pupils by the staff and the pupils’ appreciation of their rich extracurricular provision”.

“Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding, in lessons and around the school. There is a special relationship between pupils and staff and pupils are naturally courteous and friendly. Expectations are consistently high; the school is a civilised and disciplined community with an outstanding working ethos”.

(ESTYN 2010)